A musician for the past 10 years, a sound technician for the past 5 years, Martin has experienced both sides of the stage and studio. Ever since the recording of his first band’s first album, he has become very keen on the technical part of music production and all the “studio wizardry” that happens to support the band’s performance. As both a studio technician and a producer, he can easily translate all the ideas from the paper to the console, without making compromises in any way.

He is also holder of the Avid PT101 certificate (currently planning on furthering this qualification) and the Solent University Achievement in Music Production Award.


Martin went above and beyond within his role as my Audio Engineer. He excelled expectations and truly acted autonomously in his operations, whilst still actively participating in the build up to the event. A small technical issue was quickly and efficiently resolved during the event, so further credit to him. It was a true delight to work with Martin and I would love to work with him again on future projects.

A true professional! Worked with him on my EP and I am very satisfied with the results we achieved together! He is a good example that hard work pays off. Definitely check out some of his work!

Nned Guido
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