Nned Guido – Drum session #1

Today’s session has turned out to be much longer than initially expected (over 6 hours in total) with over 2 hours spent on finishing a mix of the first song from the prepared EP (no name yet), which will contain 4 songs. The session has been carried out at the Solent University’s studios.

Today’s drum setup

I have slightly crossed over from my comfort zone with today’s drum mic setup. Even though it’s not necessarily anything special, I have decided to use the Sennheiser 421 as a “Kick Out” (very nice mid-rangy punch) and, just out of curiousness, a XY pair of the AKG C451 as a ROOM mics which actually ended up sounding really good and gave the drums a lot of air and room. Otherwise just a standard setup with the Rode NT-2A as overheads, AKG D112 for Kick In, 421s for toms and the SM57 plus C451 for snare.

Overall, today’s session went good, we’ll see what we can cook up from the 9 takes we have managed to get. Stay tuned!

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